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“Rising from Quarreling”

April 28th 2024

As communities work through inevitable conflicts, prioritizing grace can lead us to
become stronger and healthier in our relationships with God and one another.

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“Rising from Hatred (Saul/Paul)”

April 21st 2024

Acts 9:1-22
In a divided world, hatred can bubble up even in the hearts of those who seek to do
good. The risen Christ moves us from a place of judgement to a place of connection, so

that we can work together for the sake of God’s Kin(g)dom.

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Rising from Denial

April 14th 2024

The Love and forgiveness of God is what enables us to rise above our mistakes

and become more faithful disciples.

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“Rising from Skepticism"

April 7th 2024

The journey from unbelief to belief requires a grace-filled encounter with the Living

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March 24th 2024

When we practice being silent, we can deepen our connection with God.

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March 17th 2024

1 Corinthians 10:31–33
The spiritual discipline of worship is not (just) about showing up to church on Sunday! It

is about weaving worship through our everyday lives in different ways.

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March 10th 2024

1 John 1:5–9

Confessing our sins brings us out of the darkness of the world

and into the light of living as a Christ follower.

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March 3rd 2024

Fasting is meant to change our hearts and deepen our relationship with God,

yet sometimes we turn it into a diet or show.

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February 25th 2024

Psalm 1:1–3
Reading and meditating on Scripture lay the foundation for Christian life.

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“Songs Of Spirit”

February11th 2024

Join us for a special worship service

celebrating some of the most well-known and loved Spirituals!

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“Reset Direction”

February 4th 2024

Whether we’ve been in the church for a long time or are exploring the faith,

Jesus sometimes calls us to move in a new direction,
even when we think we are already heading in the right direction.

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“Reset Values”

January 28th 2024

Galatians 5:24–6:10
What does it mean to live by God’s Spirit and not our own, to live according to God’s values and not those of the world?

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“Reset Purpose”

January 21st 2024

Mark 1:32–39

Spending time with God enables us to start our year with intention.
Centered living comes from understanding God’s purpose in this season.

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Soul Reset

January 14th 2024

Luke 3:21–23

Resetting your soul begins with remembering who you are.

In baptism, God calls us beloved.

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“Deck The Halls With Joy”

December 17th 2023

Luke 1:39–55

God provides joy in unexpected ways through unexpected means, people and


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“In Everything”

November 19th 2023

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I will say,
Rejoice” (Philippians 4:4). In a world torn apart by war and violence, how are you
finding ways to rejoice?

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“A Celebration Of Mission”

November 26th 2023

What does mission mean to you? How can we as the church, continue to be more mission minded in 2024?

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November 12th 2023

You have been called to serve. You have also been given skills and talents to do


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All Saints Day “The Other Side Of The Curtain”

November 5th 2023

We remember those who came before us,
and we worship knowing death is not the end.

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“Mercy And God’s Higher Calling”

September 24th 2023

Jonah 3:10–
Clarifying God’s goals can help us see better options than punishment.

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“When God Transforms Evil Into Good”

September 17th 2023

When you have had bad things happen or face
traumatic experiences, how have you been able to transform the experience to good?

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“Look Beyond Yourself”

September 3rd 2023

Luke 12:13–21

What do you have an abundance of that is a challenge to
share? How is God calling you to share it?

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“Love Through Due Process”

September 10th 2023

Ezekiel 33:7–11, Matthew 18:15–20
People may not like us for being honest, but it truly is the pathway of love.

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Stop and Listen

August 20th 2023

Luke 10:38–42
Mary and Martha: Those who would serve must also sit and learn.

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“Be Persistent In Prayer”

August 27th 2023

Luke 11:1–13

When you pray, are you praying out of fear and doubt or
out of confidence and trust that God will respond in some way?

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“Love Unconditionally”

August 13th 2023

Luke 10:25–37
The Good Samaritan: Love others, no matter who they are.

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